secondverse.net is the virtual home of Emily*. Emily is a writer, a mother, a small business owner, a pastry chef, a passionate advocate for maternal child health issues, and wields a label-maker like nobody’s business. Emily used to be an aerospace engineer. After experiencing a horrible year of pregnancy related discrimination and retaliation at work, Emily left the field of engineering for good. She is now forging a new career in maternal-child health as a lactation consultant.

Emily is married to the handsome and brilliant Husband and has three children, Oldest, Middle, and Baby (a 10 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and 5 year girl, respectively). Emily used to think she had two sons and a daughter. After being “gender creative” since two years old, Middle announced just before turning four that he was really a she and has been living as the girl she is ever since.

Life hasn’t turned out at all how Emily thought it would, but she’s learning to embrace the unknown.

You can reach her at emily.secondverse@gmail.com

*Not her real name. Why did she pick the name Emily, you ask? When her mother was pregnant with her she had two names that she liked; Emily’s actual name and “Emily”. She thinks her real name is great and suits her quite well but she almost was an Emily so she thought why not be an Emily here?


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