A Parent’s Vacation

The house has been quiet today and for once the quiet does not mean that some massive mischief is taking place.

I canned 17 jars of salsa today.

I also painted our back french doors.

I hardly had to spend any time cleaning up toys at all.

No one got pee where it doesn’t belong.

There was no yelling at dinner.

My house has a shocking lack of mud in it.

We went out for ice cream at 8:00 pm.

Bedtime was a calm affair.

Have I finally achieved some sort of stay-at-home mothering nirvana?  Nah, my parents just came and took away Older and Middle for a week and Gran and Papa’s (my parents) house leaving us with Baby as our only child.  It’s hard to believe that I ever thought one child was difficult.  This, my friends, is a vacation – parenting style!


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