Overheard at Dinner…

We were discussing our family tree at dinnertime and as I concluded a little genealogy lesson for the kids I finished dramatically, “And the next chapter of the story is for you to write someday when you have children…”  Middle piped up, “Do you know how many kids I am going to have?  Ten!”  “Well”, Older began, “You will have to talk to the guy you are going to marry and…  “I’m gay!” Middle shouted in exasperation to her big brother.  “Gay, gay, gay.  I am going to marry a girl”, she said as if stating the obvious.  This isn’t news to me, Middle has told me as much several times before, but I couldn’t help but smile at how comfortable she was with herself.   Husband and I explained that we could use the gender neutral terms “spouse” or “partner” for the person that each child might marry in the future and that satisfied everyone.  I am not at all worried about her finding a nice girl to settle down with someday.  Finding a partner who wants ten kids, however, that might be a big challenge.


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