The Grim

I had decided to get take-out for dinner.  I had Middle and Baby with me along with a couple of bags of food.  I held the bags in one hand, took Baby by the other, and then instructed Middle to hold Baby’s other hand.  The sun was setting, but it wasn’t dark out yet.  Before we walked back to our car I gave Middle the 10 second speech on being careful and paying attention in parking lots.  We stepped off the curb.  We don’t walk very fast, me laden down with food and Baby.  I see a car coming quickly to a “T” intersection in the parking lot.  It doesn’t stop as it turns left directly towards us.  The driver is looking down.  I scream.  The driver hits the breaks stopping less than a foot from our little trio.  I can feel the heat radiating off of her car grill.  The driver gets out of the car.  “I’m sorry,” she starts in, “I didn’t see you.  You know you’re wearing dark clothes.”  “We’re OK”, I say firmly, convincing myself more than her while thinking that blaming the person that you almost just squished is rather bad form.  I pull the girls away from her vehicle of doom.  Passerby stop us with wide eyes, making sure we are OK.  I assure them that we are fine.  A woman who saw the whole incident says to me, “I think she was looking at her phone.”  I sit in the car for a few moments to regain my composure.  “What just happened Mama?” Middle asks again and and again.  I tell her that we were almost squashed by a big black SUV.  “You know, it was a Mercedes” Middle helpfully clarifies.  I can’t help but laugh.

The next night we get home to find an ant invasion in the laundry room.  I am raining genocidal sprays of cleanser down upon the ants when I spy a big ugly spider in the corner.  I attempt to squish it with a towel but it scurries away.  I feel a slight pin prick type pain in my thumb.  I look down to see two tiny red marks.  “For fuck’s sake” I curse.  I wonder if the spider was a black widow.  My hand and arm start to grow numb.  I call Husband to come home.  The kids and I sit on the couch and I let them eat Halloween candy while my arm grows achy.  I call poison control who advises that I go to the hospital if the pain is severe or if I develop a rash of vomiting.  Husband comes home and as I sit there with shoulder and stomach cramps we wonder aloud if I should to go the hospital.  Older looks deeply concerned.  His birthday party is the next day and I am wondering if we are going to have to cancel it.  I think Older might have the same thoughts and I ask him, “Are you worried that we might have to cancel your birthday party?”  “No mom,” he replies seriously, “I am worried about you.”

After few hours I felt fine again.  No hospital trip necessary.  The birthday party went off with out a hitch.  Yesterday was without any near death experiences.  Hopefully I’ve shaken the Grim.


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