Freaky Friday

I love Fridays these days.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are a haze of dropping off and picking up Older at school, being home with Middle and Baby, going to anatomy at night, dealing with the kids myself one night while Husband teaches a class, sitting at karate lessons, supervising homework and piano, cooking, and studying every free moment I get.  But on Fridays (and Mondays), Middle goes to school and I have a blissful day of one child parenting with Baby.  Of course, when Older was my only child I used to find parenting pretty tough, but as anyone with more than one child knows, one child is a VACATION compared with wrangling two or more.  It’s been a long week and last night was a long night.  I was really looking forward to just enjoying Baby today until this email appeared in my inbox last night:

Hi Families,

Please be aware that this week, there have been 4 children sick in the [middle child’s] classroom.  The symptoms include extreme vomiting and diarrhea.  If your child is experiencing stomach ache or pain or is just not feeling well, we highly encourage you to please keep them home.  We will continue to take the proper health precautions in the room such as washing hands regularly and sanitizing the materials.  Thank you for your support.
Stay well!
There is almost nothing more awful than gastrointestinal illnesses.  I even have the extra bonus of having rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which makes such illnesses especially unpleasant, even downright dangerous, experience.  I take prednisone and if I can’t keep the medicine down the lack of prednisone plus the stress of being ill sends my body into an adrenal crisis that lands me in the hospital nearly every time. No amount of a break from Middle is worth that; Middle stayed home with me today.
In my attempt to be an awesome mom I decided to take the girls out to a local restaurant for lunch.  The executive pastry chef at the restaurant is my former pastry instructor and everything she makes is perfect.  She recently got a write-up for having one of the five best “cronuts” in Los Angeles.  In the interest of food science I needed to evaluate the awesomeness of the confections myself so off we went.  We had a lovely lunch and although the girls didn’t eat much I was quite pleased that they tried everything off of my plate including the roasted Brussels spouts and watermelon radishes (it was not the kind of establishment with a kids’ menu).  And judging by Middle’s inhalation of the pastry-cream filled croissant-dough doughnut, she would judge it to be the best in all the land.  But then we walked back to our car and I discovered that I had missed one of the far-away limited parking signs and that the City of Los Angeles had left me a $73 ticket for my attempt at good parenting.
We got home and I put Middle in my room for a nap because with a two bedroom house and two napping children the only choice is to separate them with one in my bedroom.  I nursed Baby to sleep in the kids room.  When I came out I heard something crinkling down the hall.  An aside:  transgender issues aside, Middle is quite a handful.  She’s sneaky, mischievous, and daring.  She easily holds the title of “most likely to need to be bailed out of jail at some point” in our family.  I followed the sound down the call, opened the door to my room and found put Middle sitting in my bed, surrounded by all of her Halloween candy, neatly organized into piles by type.  As I walked in she was stuffing piece after piece of candy into her mouth.  I took the candy away but all hope of a nap was lost.
I looked over my google tasks list to see what is on my study schedule when I realized that on the calendar there is an entry for 11:45 am today to pick up Older from school as he has a half-day.  It was 2:20 pm when I realized this.  Mother of the year!  Older’s school thankfully has a good after-school program and they sent him there automatically when his mother abandoned him.  I would go get him now but Baby is still asleep and she can be most unpleasant when she is roused.  So I’m letting Middle color Disney coloring sheets gleaned from the internet and I am blogging.
Today is November 1st and I am going to try my reasonable best to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this year; posting every day.  I’m off to a good start.

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