Little Things Mean a Lot

Middle received a birthday invitation this week.  The invite is for a classmate’s 5th birthday party – with a “princess” theme.  As I looked at the guest list I realized that the invitees consisted of all of the girls in Middle’s preschool classroom.  All the girls.  Middle had made the cut as one of the girls!  I don’t know the birthday girl or her parents well, but I do know that the birthday girl has been in school with Middle for over a year now.  The girl and her parents must know about Middle’s transition from appearing as a boy to being a girl.  In looking up my email address to send the invitation to us they must have used the school directory – last year’s directory (this year’s isn’t out yet) that lists Middle with her former male name.  They know all of this and yet they and their daughter see Middle as the girl that she is.

Middle is thrilled with the thought of a princess themed party and is planning what to wear; a big poufy dress, of course.  I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that there is one more family out there supportive of Middle and kids like her.  Getting that invitation was the highlight of my week.  Sometimes people are awesome.


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