Sunday School

We are not a religious family.  The only time the kids have been in a church is for Older’s piano recitals and school concerts.  We do talk about religion and I am happy to answer any questions the kids might have.  Because we live in a largely religious, specifically Christian, society I do want to make sure that the kids have some religious context with which to navigate our culture.  I think I have some work to do.

Driving around town this week I hear from the back seat:

Older:  Why do so many churches have pluses on the top?

Me:  Well most churches do, but not all, because all churches don’t believe in the same things.  Not all churches even believe in the same gods.

Older:  But why do they have pluses?

Me:  Well, it’s actually called a cross and it is an important symbol to a lot of religions.

Older (with the tone of an exasperated professor lecturing a dimwitted student):  It’s not a cross Mama, it’s a plus.  A cross is like this [holds up his fingers in an X-shape].  They are pluses.



3 thoughts on “Sunday School

  1. An excellent place to start is Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas. Must be in the portfolio of anyone mounting a serious defense or critique of the religion of the pluses. A big regret of mine is that I didn’t get a good read through it before having kids. Not because I don’t have the time, but because I can’t settle my mind enough to process the complexity of the writing.

    • Ha! I thought you might be serious. We just watched a PBS program on the Gospel of Judas (and it also discussed the other Gospels that are not included in the Bible). It was fascinating; definitely something I could see showing the kids when they are older.

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